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होम उत्पाद5050 आरजीबी एलईडी पट्टी

Flexible 5050 RGB LED Module Strips IP65 Waterproof 12V - 24V

Flexible 5050 RGB LED Module Strips IP65 Waterproof 12V - 24V

Flexible 5050 RGB LED Module Strips IP65 Waterproof 12V - 24V

उत्पाद विवरण:

Place of Origin: CHINA
ब्रांड नाम: RELIGHT
प्रमाणन: CE
Model Number: RL-FS24060MW5050-S

भुगतान & नौवहन नियमों:

Minimum Order Quantity: 5M
मूल्य: negotiation
Packaging Details: Customized packing design or packed in standard anti-static material
Delivery Time: 10 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: negotiation
अब से संपर्क करें
विस्तृत उत्पाद विवरण
Size: 1000*10mm CCT: RGBW
Input Voltage: 12-24V Waterproof: IP66
Packing: 5M/Reel LED chip: 5050 RGB LED

Flexible 5050 RGB LED Module Strips IP65 Waterproof 12V - 24V



Quick Details:


ITEM 1: 5050 RGB LED Flexible Strip      
1 5050 RGB LED  1000*10mm 5M/reel 30led/meter RGB
30pcs LED per meter  12V
2 5050 RGB LED STRIP 1000*10mm 5M/reel 60led/meter RGB
60pcs LED per meter 12V
3 5050 RGB LED STRIP  1000*12mm 5M/reel 30led/meter RGB
IP65  Waterproof
30pcs LED per Meter 12V
4 5050 RGB LED STRIP  1000*12mm 5M/reel 60led/meter RGB
IP65  Waterproof
60pcs LED per Meter 12V





Application: Decoration And Lighting Size: 1000*10mm
CCT: RGBW Input Voltage:  12-24V
Waterproof: IP66 Packing: 5M/Reel
LED Chip: 5050 RGB LED





1. Ceiling lights

2. Advertisement light-box

3. Commercial luminaires

4. Channel lights

5. Troffer lamps
6. Architectural lighting 
7. Decorative lighting 

8. Panel lights

9. Down lights


Application Picture:


Flexible 5050 RGB LED Module Strips IP65 Waterproof 12V - 24V


Competitive Advantage:

  • Customized design

  • LED component analyze, engineering file service

  • Ultra samples preparation

  • After-sales service

Why us Relight?


High Quality

Our CE/RoHS standards insure quality assemblies from start to finish. 

Whether it's a simple custom product or a complex turnkey production run, 

Relight will adhere to the highest quality standards.


Super Capable

Relight offers the latest in assembly capabilities and qualifications insuring that 

quality is built into every product we produce.


Many years' Experience

When it comes to your build you want a partner you can depend on. 

Our management team has over 8 years of combined industry knowledge. O

ur engineering team has over 10years experience.


Customer First 

Protecting your Intellectual Property is job one! Our staff of trained professionals 

are all working under a strict confidentiality contract and treat your important 

documentation as they would their own.


Professional Engineer 

We pride ourselves on our ability to custom tailor programs around our customers' needs. 



सम्पर्क करने का विवरण
Shenzhen Relight Technology Co.,Ltd

व्यक्ति से संपर्क करें: Nancy Sun

दूरभाष: +8618680311680

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